We are a skillful team
that specializes in furniture design

Furniture Purveyor
& Design Craftsman

TF Home Design is a Malaysian-based furniture manufacturing company, renowned for
possessing excellent design craftsmanship. Whether it is to personalize your home, office, hotel or
restaurant, it is here that we offer our top notch design and production services to complete your
space with modern furnitures.

When it comes to design traditions, we believe that a space should be filled with awe-inspiring
creations that promotes functionality, style and quality. TF Home Design is committed in assuring
that our creation is ruled with perfection while durability and comfort is our hallmark. If you are
looking for professional customization, you can definitely count on us!

Our consistency in keeping up with industry trends is what makes us purveyors of fine furniture,
and our intricately crafted furnitures are made to create a delightful, inspiring atmosphere for you.

Solution Provider


Whether you are redesigning your room or planning on redecorating, make an appointment with us for design advice. We will guide you through from furniture designs to designer fabrics and more.


If you have a question about our design-build process work, all it takes is a phone call or an email. We will review and revise it with you.

Professional Advice

At TF Home Design, our team are specially trained professionals who are able to help you get a clearer perspective of your plans, while they create the look that would fit into your space perfectly.

in Trend

Not only are we driven by our clients' requirements, but we are also driven by the latest industry designs, trends and inspiration. Our talented team will be able to create a seamless integration between contemporary and traditional.

Worldwide Delivery

We offer exclusive international delivery services that can be arranged to any requirement,
even when you have commissioned us to design your furniture. Once your orders are ready,
our team will prepare a dedicated delivery and making sure that it is properly packed, sealed and ready to be shipped.

Our Clients

When it comes to furniture design and services, we are truly the best in what
we do because we have our clients' interest at heart. When we work with brands
and companies who shares the same values as us, we rope it more than just quality! We achieve results!

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